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A happy New Year to my readers. I certainly had fun bringing it in. It was a fine combination of laundry, TV, bubbly wine, card games, toasting, making lists, and dancing with my first girlfriend ever. I hope yours brought you joy, whatever you did.

I haven't really felt like announcing it, because it seems so paltry, but progress is being made on that pesky, everlasting 2nd backstory. I've realized that one of my problems was it was too long for me to digest in one document, and thus split it up. The word count hasn't changed much, perhaps it gained a hundred or so, but I like those words much better now that I can look at them with clear eyes...

Also, I have begun my first podfic. It is, perhaps narcissistically, my own fic. In my defense, it's extremely hard to choose something! I figure if I screw up on my own fic, at least I only embarrass myself. It's recorded, and in the editing stages, and you may know how those tend to go for me...either lightning fast or horrifically slow. -sigh- I do have a partner to nudge me along, though, so we'll see which comes out first: the spoken or written word.

To share one of my goals for the year, I am trying to learn Polish. My family is from there, not so long ago...but my grandparents never taught anyone the language. On the one hand, typical Americans only know English! Yay. On the other, disconnect from roots. Boo.

So, again, szczęśliwego Nowego Roku, and dobranoc (good night!).

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