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Birthdate:Aug 3
I am completely open to others creating transformative works based on my own. Continuations, remixes, podfics, fanart, fanvids, whatever floats your boat. Please do credit me. If you have questions about anything, please ask, and I'd love to see the finished product!

I've been over 21 for many years now, and am finding it not all that exciting. Easier and enlightening, yes, but not exciting. Age-based privilege is a wonderful thing.

I am very multi-fandom/multi-pairing in my reading interests. I do generally like the "main" pairings of a fandom, but definitely am not exclusive! I will to give anything a go if it has my kinks or a really good author. Boyslash, femslash, het, asexy, and poly fics are all wonderful (and if you genderswap I love you that much more).

I write in random fandoms at present, but occasionally default to Sherlock BBC and White Collar. I seem to tend towards short, kinky, and dark, with the occasional splash of gen. I adore constructive and positive feedback, and reserve the right to delete you if it strays from that. Please remember: if you wouldn't say it to my person, don't say it online.

My works and other rambles are here on Livejournal, here at, here on Archive of Our Own, and also Tumblring merrily here.
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