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Just found a new comm for Gundam Wing fic!

(I love so many fandoms, it's ridiculous.)
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After the second season of Sherlock aired, there were many new anons on the meme who knew very little about how it all worked, so there were lots of questions about the basics. I answered one person's plea for a run-through on how to post a fill: the original is here, and I'm posting it to my journal for posterity/to help others in the future.

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'twas happily stumbling through fandom, and found a rec post that included vids, which let to some more happy stumbling through Youtube, and I found this. Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 is, as the poster put it, "the unofficial theme tune" for Sherlock BBC. So. True. I laughed. A lot.

I love this fandom.
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I don't post here much at all, mainly using this account to lurk about the edges of fandom, and occasionally comment without having to out myself as anything other than a rabid fangirl who has far too many kinks. However, I simply must post about this.

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I can watch Sherlock tomorrow! Yes.
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