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This journal is currently open to all and sundry, please drop me a line and friend me if you want to keep up to date on my current works. I update my LJ/DW and AO3 concurrently (link to my other accounts in the sidebar). My account is only updated when I write something rated G to PG-13.

I am completely open to others creating transformative works based on my own. Continuations, remixes, podfics, fanart, fanvids, whatever floats your boat. Please do credit me. If you have questions about anything, please ask, and I'd love to see the finished product!

Beta and writer profiles are here (based on the Sherlock BBC Beta Challenge & Exchange format), if you want me to beta for you, please comment on that post or PM me.

I love engaging with my readers. Please comment if you like it, and be constructive if you don't (or if you happen to find any mistakes!).

(Last update: 11/19/14)

Sherlock BBC:

Gameplay Series: 

LJAO3 - John/Sherlock. 700 words, PG-13. How Sherlock and John's romantic relationship began. 

Upping the Stakes, LJ, AO3 - John/Sherlock. 5400 words, R. Sherlock has a small problem. Thankfully, he figures out a solution. John helps.

Time Out, LJ, AO3, - John/Sherlock, 1500 words, T. John tries out a new approach to curing Sherlock’s boredom.

The Games We Must Play
LJAO3 - John/Sherlock. 10,500 words. NC-17. For mugenmine's prompt. Sherlock won't play the game without...well, a game. Good thing John can keep up. Utter and total PWP. Possibly the kinkiest thing I've written to date...


Mercy, LJ, AO3 - Sherlock, Mycroft, gen. 350 words. PG. A tiny fantasy AU snippet I had far too much fun writing. Possible season 2 spoilers.

Eye of the BeholderLJAO3 - Sherlock/OMC, pre-Sherlock/John? 4000 words. R. Sherlock's life is impacted by one very important event: his rape at fifteen. Do read the warnings.

Sibling Rivalry
, LJAO3 - Sherlock/Lestrade, Mycroft/Lestrade, Sherlock/Mycroft/Lestrade. 12,000 words. NC-17. Do read the warnings. My first Sherlock fill, and my longest piece of writing, ever. Summary: Dark!Sherlock and Mycroft blackmail Lestrade into sleeping with them. Separately. What happens when Sherlock finds out about Mycroft?

No Better ExcuseLJAO3 - Sherlock, John, Original Character. 1773 words. R. Tentacle porn which is, to quote my beta, "the most non-sexual tentacle fic I've read". That's not to say there isn't porn. To summarize:
A mythological creature just showed up looking for sex, and Sherlock's bored. What better reason do you need?

Waiting for John
LJAO3 - John/Sherlock. 1,100 words. NC-17. PWP of the orgasm denial kind. John likes to make Sherlock wait, but never denies himself. This goes well with but wasn't originally intended to be part of the Gameplay series. 

Velleity, LJ, AO3, - John/Sherlock. 300 words. PG. Pre-slash-y. John's always secretly been a cat person. Sherlock scratches that particular itch.

Dichotomy, LJ, AO3, - John, Sherlock. 300 words. G. Three tiny character studies and a smidgen of headcanon.

An Alternative to Goldfish, LJ, AO3, - Sherlock, Mycroft, Mrs. Hudson. 650 words. Another way the "goldfish" conversation might have gone. Perhaps OOC (they talk about feelings. -gasp-).

An Impolite Understanding, LJ, AO3 - John/Sherlock, 1668 words, PG-13. PWP: Porn without porn (my favorite kind!). They don't talk about it, but John enjoys it too much to stop.

Yo Ho, LJ, AO3, - John, Sherlock, 221 words, G. Sherlock and John are pirates. No, really. 

The Adventure of the Photographer's Studio, LJ, AO3, - John, Sherlock, 558 words, G. John helps Sherlock 'borrow' some photos for a client; the effort sparks a few memories. 

White Collar:

(Close) Shave and a Haircut, LJ, AO3 - Neal, gen, suspense. 500 words. PG. Just a short snippet of a forced haircut scene requested at the kinkmeme. I couldn't resist the title, despite the awful pun.

Things Peter Loves
, LJ, AO3 - P/E/N. Pure, unadulterated, kinky porn. 650 words. NC-17. I didn't know until this piece that I could write pwp (porn without plot). But, oh baby, can I.

To Those Who Wait
, LJ, AO3 - P/(E)/N. More pure, unadulterated, kinky porn. 1,800 words. NC-17. Set in the same universe as Things Peter Loves, a sequel, if you will.

The Best Con
, LJ, AO3 - Neal, OMCs, gen. 4000 words. R. My longest, and best, White Collar fic to date. It's prisonfic, and actually contains a con or two. Do read the warnings. Summary: Neal, not exactly on purpose, gets himself a prisonwife.

Reactions and Defaults
, LJ, AO3 - Neal, Peter, gen, humor. 700 words. PG-13. Neal wears an interesting shirt. Peter responds.

And Felon Make Four
, LJ, AO3 - P/E/OFC, pre-P/N, polyamory AU, porn-lite? 1,100 words. R. Neal's always had a different outlook than Peter on the world. What's one more felony when it comes to love lust?

Teen Wolf: 

12 Days of Kinkmas Series:

And a PartridgeLJAO3 - Lydia. 1130 words. NC-17. Lydia has a bit of time to stretch

A-laying, LJ, AO3 - Lydia Martin/Cora Hale, 450. NC-17. Cora has a late night craving; Lydia delivers more than just the food. 


Time Long Gone, LJ, AO3 - Kate Argent, 350, PG-13. A brief look into Kate Argent's head. It's not very pretty.

Memories Hurt So Sweet, LJ, AO3 - Melissa McCall, Claudia Stilinski, Sheriff Stilinski, 620. PG. Melissa McCall misses Claudia Stilinski the same way the Sheriff does



Dragon and Liaison, LJ, AO3, - Jack, Draycos, 3600 words, PG. A series of vignettes about how Jack and Draycos might have gone on after Dragon and Liberator.

Inciting Paroxysm in the Female Human, LJ, AO3 - Jane, Zoinx, 1000 words, PG-13. Jane and Zoinx navigate sex.


Musical Pants, LJ - 200 words. PG, for scary clowns. The things you do with friends...get posted on the internet.

Concerted, LJ, AO3, - 501 words. G. One experience, one person, one point of view.  One band, one audience, one concert. 

HabitatLJAO3, - 501 words. G. An experimental point of view. Bears can swim, so can humans.

Indoor VoicesLJ, AO3, - 549 words. PG. Experimental viewpoint switching. An office is never less than one person. 

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