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Hello! Life is wonderful at this very moment. I have ginger tea, and hair finally as I want it. It only took me six weeks to make the appointment. 

221b Con coming up (I leave Thursday!) has put a fast track on a bunch of things. Like going to get my eyes checked. I'd noticed they'd changed a while ago, and found an easy enough solution on hand (use my stronger contacts on both eyes!), but didn't want to order new contacts until I was sure of what the new prescription was. It turns out my makeshift solution was the right one. Go figure. Alas, now it is too late to order contacts and get them in in time to travel... I'm really terrible at adulting, most days. At least I have one left...

I'm also pushing to finish an apron commission. My commissioners were waiting for their giftee to give birth so they could embroider it with everyone's name...and she's just done that! It really should have been done weeks ago. I've been procrastinating on the sewing up bits. Argh, sewing.

Maybe I can blame all the procrastination on my previous haircut? Hrm...

Oh, right, end of month. Writing proceeds apace, I've made my monthly and duly reported it. Although still workable, my daily word count has been slowing down bit by bit as the months progress. It might be that February and March just aren't great writing months for me, and future ones will perk it up again. It would make sense, as I often feel I'm still stuck on a college semester schedule... If so, April will be very up and down, May will be glorious, and the summer could be anything.

I'm not sure how much I'll get done during the con, but I will have plane rides and layovers on which to write! And considering how much I was in my hotel room last year, plus how much I'm already ahead, I'm sure it'll be fine. Four days would not make much of a dent in anything except perhaps my confidence. I hope I can carve out thirty minutes a day for it, though. Wish me luck!

Oh god, I'm going to be so behind on Tumblr when I get back. ...Oh well. :)

Writing anecdote of the week: I've been on an interesting trend of late, finding inspiration in all sorts of places. Music, for instance. I've actually written a few ficlets based on Little Boots' Ghost. Some of my "weird" things are meant to inspire, like the kink meme (still need to post that spanking fic...), but getting a fic out of a simple porny picture? I mean, that's a new one.

It happened last night. Of course, I take a porny image and then just have to describe the setting, and at least sketch a plot...and suddenly feels! It's all very strange. I meant it to end happily, a fade-to-black sexy times at least hinted at kind of thing...but no. Angst everywhere. :D Does anyone else feel like they're dealing with old emotionally charged issues through writing sometimes? I swear I didn't mean to.

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