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I am hesitant to change my profile pics, the...whatchamacallem, avatars? Tiny boxes that promote fandom affiliation and perhaps show mood? Anycase, I'm pretty well out of Sherlock BBC fandom now, and I've not kept up with White Collar, despite a few attempts to continue past the third season. From all accounts it turned pretty dark. And the less said about recent Sherlock BBC developments, the better.
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May. 16th, 2017 11:24 am
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So, I have realized recently that I have at least two different forms of anger. And this language feels inadequate, but we'll just keep going, because what the hell else am I going to do? 

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Seriously, when you don't want to spend half an hour waiting on an oven to perfectly cook your bacon (this is admittedly the best/tastiest way to do it), or risk getting miniature oil burns from a frying pan (the worst way, but faster), microwaves are the way to go, my friends. You can standardize your times after a short trial and error period to get exactly the doneness you want, and the mess is minimal if you're willing to sacrifice around five paper towels for the cause. And considering that their usual counterpart, eggs, cook so very fast on the stovetop (I will admit frying has its uses), you can get them both done within about five minutes. My usual rule of thumb is one minute per slice of bacon. I usually go over that, since I'm a crispy fan.

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I'm sleep-deprived, and one very strange consequence of that is how my brain perceives my body. Right now my hands and tongue feel huge. I can still use them normally, but they feel like balloons that refuse to go away. Everything I touch feels small in comparison. I would swear, if I had to rely on touch, that my mouse is only an inch thick, and my keyboard must have expanded to fit my fingers...
Makes me wonder if other people get this. Does this have a name? Hrm...
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