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Ureshiiichigo! You! Are! Older! And I still like you, even after we met in person and lived together for three days. This is officially a successful relationship. This also applies to numberthescars. It was lovely meeting you all, and felt oddly like not our first time together. Which, if you think about it, it wasn't, just the first time bodies were involved.

In other news, I wrote 1200 words of world-building and the first chapter of a fic today. ...I might've had a push or two from a fellow con-goer. :) Thanks to oldamongdreams for hanging out at the airport with me and ureshiiichigo and being enthusiastic about stuff. Enthusiasm is awesome.

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I am sooo tired atm. Didn't get enough sleep, had to get up early for some unusually scheduled babysitting, and then there's regular teaching I do in the afternoon. Also, my...intentions that I sent out in my last post were met with some resounding beta requests. So...I should probably go work on those. :)

Two ideas:

Sep. 15th, 2012 01:16 am
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Have ya'll seen this? Because, wow.

Ian Adler, as played by Loki

Because I have no tumblr.

(Also! 150 words of fic and 500 words of sketched out backstory today. Woohoo.)
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Darn, I wish I could go...

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