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I participated in the Yuletide rare fandom fic exchange this year, as perhaps you already know... Gifts were revealed yesterday, and mine is in the Okane ga Nai fandom, called Unbalanced. I like it a lot, but do read the warnings. 

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I don't post here much at all, mainly using this account to lurk about the edges of fandom, and occasionally comment without having to out myself as anything other than a rabid fangirl who has far too many kinks. However, I simply must post about this.

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I can watch Sherlock tomorrow! Yes.
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I've been bumping around the comms, and found this request, and had to answer. I love well-done whumpage of all characters. So, to crosspost, this is my list of fics where Harry is taken and hurt by mean!Draco. I was amazed at the variety of potential squicks I have here: dub and noncon, bdsm, semi-bestiality, and mpreg (don't run, just one of them is!). Not to mention the variety of settings they're in: I have during- and post-series fics, a Victorian AU, a creaturefic, and slavefics.
Considering how many of these kinks I was squicked by initially, I've come a long way in my tastes.

Pottyweepotter's A Bedroom During Summer Months (oneshot, pwp)

Lavillanueva's Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (longer oneshot)

Literary Spell's Lord of Unbroken Things (shorter series)

LD Durham's Indago series (mpreg)

Emily Water's Unbreakable (series)
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This is more or less a shell blog at the moment. I have tastes in fanfiction that I'd rather not proclaim to my family and friends, and this is a good way to friend writers for regular updates.

I've been reading longest in the Harry Potter Fandom, but my anime lists of good authors and fics have been catching up lately.

My first recommendation shall be...the Frames of Mind series by Lomonaaeren, Why do I like it? First, the writing. Lomonaaeren does more than just write smut or action, she brings the plot, not to mention the psychology. She's a fast, prolific, and inspiring writer, nearly updating every day. Her ideas are original, as shown in this story. Here's her summary:

HPDM preslash, AU post-war, no DH spoilers. Draco is a Psyche-Diver, and his newest patient is Auror Potter, who’s been a pathological liar for over a year—and has just tried to violently end his own life.

Warnings: Suicidal behavior (obviously), violence, language, lots of psychology. Slash in the future, but probably not until the next story in the series.

What's a Psyche-diver? How can Harry be a pathological liar in character? Go and find out.
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