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Seriously, when you don't want to spend half an hour waiting on an oven to perfectly cook your bacon (this is admittedly the best/tastiest way to do it), or risk getting miniature oil burns from a frying pan (the worst way, but faster), microwaves are the way to go, my friends. You can standardize your times after a short trial and error period to get exactly the doneness you want, and the mess is minimal if you're willing to sacrifice around five paper towels for the cause. And considering that their usual counterpart, eggs, cook so very fast on the stovetop (I will admit frying has its uses), you can get them both done within about five minutes. My usual rule of thumb is one minute per slice of bacon. I usually go over that, since I'm a crispy fan.

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I just realized I haven't updated my masterlist in any way for a month. Wow. In any case, my profiles (based off the sherlockbbc Beta Challenge and Exchange, which is an excellent resource!) are here. If anyone needs a beta and likes my style, I'm free. Please comment or PM me to get in touch!

I've posted my profiles over on the exchange, as well. Now to gird my loins and ask for help on the dreaded sequel...Is it weird that I'm having a hard time deciding who to pick?

In other news, there will be at least one other story being posted soon. It's been beta-ed, but I can't get the changes to copy over to my Word doc, and I'm being lazy about manually changing everything. Ahh, the lethargy of having no classes left. Finals are creeping up like a good scare from a horror movie. I'm sharpening my mind in preparation, slowly.
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Just found a new comm for Gundam Wing fic!

(I love so many fandoms, it's ridiculous.)
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'twas happily stumbling through fandom, and found a rec post that included vids, which let to some more happy stumbling through Youtube, and I found this. Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 is, as the poster put it, "the unofficial theme tune" for Sherlock BBC. So. True. I laughed. A lot.

I love this fandom.
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I don't post here much at all, mainly using this account to lurk about the edges of fandom, and occasionally comment without having to out myself as anything other than a rabid fangirl who has far too many kinks. However, I simply must post about this.

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How to watch the BBC in the States )

I can watch Sherlock tomorrow! Yes.
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