Jun. 8th, 2014 08:34 am
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Five weeks away? No matter! Summer has begun, and with it come the fiber crafts. The last two months I've been on half-speed with the writing. I...just didn't care all that much? But the arrival of June has made me want to struggle and strive again, so here we are.

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First, a comment I made on [personal profile] mugenmine's latest post feels like it needs to be shared here. This being a place of writing ramblings and all:

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So I will do that later. Yay for breaks and being refreshed. If anyone wants to word war, starting around 6pm Central, hit me up on gchat. I'm percigranger over there.

And I will add pics of my newest and most-functional spindles as soon as Livejournal starts cooperating...

Edit: Tada! I would add more, believe me, I tried, but there is something wonky about this system...

So, comparison pic, the dowels are the same size, the beads are not, and that's the lovely cotton I spun last night!

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