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Title: An Impolite Understanding
Author: percygranger
Beta: pandoras_chaos, ureshiiichigo
Rating: PG-13, Mature
Word Count: 1668
Fandom/Characters/Pairings: BBC Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Disclaimer: Don't own them; don't wish to. I just like playing with... their minds.
Content: Spanking
They don't talk about it, but John enjoys it too much to stop.
Prompt: here (I may actually post it there soon...)

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Title: The Games We Must Play
Author: percygranger
Betas: [ profile] fitz_y, [ profile] numberthescars, [ profile] ureshiiichigo,
Britpicker: [ profile] korearabin
Word Count: 10,565
Characters/Pairings: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Disclaimer: Don't own them; don't wish to. I'm not making any money. I just like playing with...their minds.
Warnings (hightlight to read): Nipple clamps, BDSM, rough takedown/wrestling, spanking, light bondage, orgasm delay/denial, foot porn, rimming, begging.
Summary: Sherlock won't play the game without...well, a game. Good thing John can keep up.

Author's note: Dedicated to [ profile] mugenmine, without whom this fic would have never existed (she prompted it here). It is truly a fic of firsts. My first extended-length porn, first time I wrote several of these kinks (foot porn, anyone? And I'm still surprised I hadn't done spanking until now), and the first time I've ever written a non-kinkmeme prompt.  Also, a huge thank you to all of my betas! They pushed me to make it good, better, best, and we've produced something of which I'm quite proud.

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Part 4

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