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I am sooo tired atm. Didn't get enough sleep, had to get up early for some unusually scheduled babysitting, and then there's regular teaching I do in the afternoon. Also, my...intentions that I sent out in my last post were met with some resounding beta requests. So...I should probably go work on those. :)
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First, a comment I made on [personal profile] mugenmine's latest post feels like it needs to be shared here. This being a place of writing ramblings and all:

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I just realized I haven't updated my masterlist in any way for a month. Wow. In any case, my profiles (based off the sherlockbbc Beta Challenge and Exchange, which is an excellent resource!) are here. If anyone needs a beta and likes my style, I'm free. Please comment or PM me to get in touch!

I've posted my profiles over on the exchange, as well. Now to gird my loins and ask for help on the dreaded sequel...Is it weird that I'm having a hard time deciding who to pick?

In other news, there will be at least one other story being posted soon. It's been beta-ed, but I can't get the changes to copy over to my Word doc, and I'm being lazy about manually changing everything. Ahh, the lethargy of having no classes left. Finals are creeping up like a good scare from a horror movie. I'm sharpening my mind in preparation, slowly.
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I am a beta! ), Sherlock fics by [ profile] numberthescars and [ profile] ureshiiichigo
Anything else: I also write in the White Collar fandom and wouldn't mind working with that fandom or crossovers. As a beta, I'm very good at pointing out the good along with the bad. Please tell me your preferences: Just looking for feedback on credibility, characterization, SPAG, ideas, or meta? All of the above? I'm happy to help.


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