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I am hesitant to change my profile pics, the...whatchamacallem, avatars? Tiny boxes that promote fandom affiliation and perhaps show mood? Anycase, I'm pretty well out of Sherlock BBC fandom now, and I've not kept up with White Collar, despite a few attempts to continue past the third season. From all accounts it turned pretty dark. And the less said about recent Sherlock BBC developments, the better.

I'm more into Star Wars at the moment, believe it or not. I tend to have short periods of utter fascination with a certain fandom, where I read pretty much just that for a week or two, then I'll move on, and the cycle repeats. I have quite a few fandoms to pick from now. Yuri on Ice, MCU, Teen Wolf, Star Trek (I feel I must clarify that I'm fandom-only in the last two) and I'll go rabbit off into new ones if they sound interesting enough.

One thing I've realized about myself in the past few years is that I get a major boost of energy to be interested in/read a fic/watch a movie if someone recs it. Alas, I'm not nearly active enough around these or other parts to get recs on demand. I do subscribe to a rec list email, which is good fun, and I'm on a comm here that also does that more generally. So I know what I want and I'm passively getting it?

However, nothing quite beats the buzz of new, good stuff. Like Wonder Woman! I'm excited to go watch that. I never did manage to make it to Beauty and the Beast, mainly because my usual movie-viewing partners just aren't into musicals. Alas. It's in second-run theaters, now, so if I actually did manage it, at least I'd save some money...

In other news, nothing particular has changed on the writing/posting front. I still need to write more, earlier in the day, and will use word wars to do so. I definitely need to post more often, and am reminded of that fact when I randomly join a fic exchange (this time it was Fandom5k) and thus have the necessary deadline/pressure/motivation to push one out into the world. Which reminds me, I should post it here, as well! Will do that soonish, I guess. 

I've been more active here of late (after...two years away, mostly?) for a couple reasons. One being the whole LJ is now Russian-owned and scarier because of it, which prompted me to make the Dreamwidth my main account, and getting friended here feels nice, so I hang out here more, and other people posting regularly kinda pokes at me. Lots of nice little reasons that add up to this flurry of words that may or may not make sense (and almost certainly won't gain any comments).

I'm often vaguely envious of those with a robust comment section, those with some miniature version of fame, but at the same time, I don't have the energy for others. I've managed to optimize my own self-care routines, and can at least get myself moving most days, but posting regularly and interacting and all that feels like something intimidating. Perhaps if it were more of a regular thing, instead of "oh god, a comment!" every few weeks it would be less of an emotional up and down. Who knows. Most of my friends are too similar to me, being erratically posting "private citizens"  and thus I cannot ask them their experience and gain a meaningfully different answer. 

I feel there should be a solid end to this wandering mess of a post. Er, to anyone who may read this, you'll thrill me for good and bad reasons if you comment? Fandom is nice even if you're mostly a lurker? Writing is good, feedback is good, social anxiety is annoying. The end.
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