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Seriously, when you don't want to spend half an hour waiting on an oven to perfectly cook your bacon (this is admittedly the best/tastiest way to do it), or risk getting miniature oil burns from a frying pan (the worst way, but faster), microwaves are the way to go, my friends. You can standardize your times after a short trial and error period to get exactly the doneness you want, and the mess is minimal if you're willing to sacrifice around five paper towels for the cause. And considering that their usual counterpart, eggs, cook so very fast on the stovetop (I will admit frying has its uses), you can get them both done within about five minutes. My usual rule of thumb is one minute per slice of bacon. I usually go over that, since I'm a crispy fan.

In other news, I've been rereading my past posts in search of my fic exchange letters, and discovered that I had mostly posted them on LJ, not DW. Weird. That's fixed now, at least. I have no idea what else I'm missing, and I still have a reluctance to leave LJ wholesale. It's hard to give up stuff, especially when you've got collectionist tendencies. I have also been inspired to write this post, considering most of my previous blogging was just summarizing my days, most of which I barely remember, and talking about writing or crafting or mental health. I think I'm cool with this, and I'm in a period where this would be relevant again, having basically recreated the circumstances of 2013, where I returned to my parent's house after a period of living on my own. Yay. 

The past year (2016) has been weird, and ended badly, to be honest. I started strong: helping manage a pledge drive, finding a job, moving out to an apartment, and basically taking care of myself for a good nine months or so before it all fell apart. Roommates who are bad at communication suck, is the main takeaway here. 

So now I'm back at my parents, the job became untenable (and have I mentioned how much I despise "Right to Work" AKA "Right to quit/be fired at any time with no union" laws? I really, really, don't like them), in a 'threatening my health and wellbeing' sense of the word. And now I'm basically where I was in 2013, except with four more years of life experience (always a good thing), and a more supportive mother, in terms of said mental health.

My Zoloft stopped working after 3 years on it, so I'm trying a new-fangled supplement regimen, as supervised by a psychiatrist. It is helping, I must say. I've gone from being so depressed that I was minorly suicidal for the first time in my life to pretty stable within a week. The way I like to see it is "your body is your brain is your body", so being balanced or whatever internally, with all the various vitamins and elements and neurotransmitters you need...can be accomplished by supplements as well as other medications.

Which leads me, weirdly enough, to a fic rec: The Dragon King's Temple by Kryal. I recently reread it, and continue to find it delightful in all aspects. It's a Stargate SG-1/ Avatar: The Last Airbender crossover. It is super long and plotty, the characters are sparkling, there is a lovely gender balance, and the author is a Grade A Geek, and it shows. They actually mentioned one of the minerals I'm taking at the moment, thus the connection between supplements and fic. I wish to be like Kryal should I ever start to enjoy research/actually think that way.

I doubt I'll ever be a novelist. I'm not sure I've ever said it that way before. I know I've mentioned that I'm a shorter fic writer. I know I've said that original stuff isn't my bag (which has changed somewhat in the past few years). Still, it got pounded home to me yesterday when I looked at a call for fanfiction writers to submit their original manuscripts, and the minimum was 100k for longer things. And the short stuff was like, 20k. Like, I've hit the lower milestone once, and I doubt I'll be hitting it again anytime soon. 

Still, not being willing or able to write one story that long doesn't mean I'm not enjoying the fic I do write. I've gotten more experimental the past few years, trying new fandoms, formats, exchanges, what have you. I am a diarist, of sorts, or self-blogger, as I like to say. I'm glad to be a writer, even if I feel limited in what I can do. Lately the idea of poetry has appealed to me again. I've done a few of those, and while they're frustrating in terms of words/minute, they're beautiful, evocative, and I really like creating something that's so finished, so sparkly, as it were.

And I may or may not return to blog some more in the near future. Hopefully I shall, as I did enjoy this brief catch-up with all my assumed readers out there. TTFN, dear ones. 
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