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 Hello! To anyone reading, but most hopefully my yuletide assignee, thank you for doing this, and I hope this helps you complete your fic as comfortably as possible.

First off, my dislikes:

Body fluids described in loving detail (please, please don’t): Blood, spit, semen, lube, etc are really not something I want to hear about much. Mentioning them is fine, just please don't linger.

Maiming/involuntary loss of limbs.

Infidelity or cheating of any sort.

Male/female incest, including parent/child (any gender) incest and heavy child abuse (shota and loli).

Slash including canon old men, at least one of whom is evil (ex. Dumbledore/Voldemort, Mr. Raines/Mr. Parker).


My likes:

I lots and lots of genres and fics and pairings, from deep dark/no hope to BDSM to utter crack to light and fluffy slice of life fic. I consider myself open to most relationships (het, femslash, or dudeslash, friendships, hateships, queer things, ace stuff), actually, provided they're written convincingly (this is when characters strike me as genuine people, and that their choice of affections is their choice? So, basically, a pairing you yourself believe in). Me asking for specific pairings here is an oddity of Yuletide, where I'm trying to faciliate matching. If you want to go in the background and highlight other characters (the Foreigner and Raksura series' would especially lend themselves to this, I think) and write my ask as a side couple, I'd be delighted to read it. Outside POVs are almost, but not quite, as fun for me as getting right in the middle of the action.


As you can see in my Underworld request, I do not shy away from the rape fics, in fact I enjoy them most when they deal with the consequences of this all-too-common occurrence here in our world. I am deeply interested in how people react to such a harmful event, how they process and move on, or cannot move on. And vice versa, I enjoy explicit consent, good communication, and happy/awkward/fun sex! I generally most enjoy reading the POV of the one who is being done to, although that's really problematic terminology, I realize. Put in BDSM terms, I enjoy description of the sub’s physical/emotional/spiritual feelings. 

Power dynamics between a couple (or triad or other poly thing, did I mention poly is AOK with me?) fascinates me. I'm a kink-inclined individual myself and thus almost always look for that balance, whatever it may be. As you can see, in het ships I generally prefer an equal/more powerful female (Morticia and Gomez switching is my headcanon), but all bets are off when it comes to slash. If you do feel inclined to make it explicitly kinky, then I like to see or be reassured that the players are doing this consensually, and have at least discussed what they're doing in some part. And, of course, are enjoying themselves!

And finally, we come to what are my apparent themes this year: translation, foreignness, and integration. Language and how we use and study it is a subject I find intriguing. I love learning new words and learning how other people use them. I've always been someone who likes details, who is called "smart" for how fast I pick things up, and seeing the details of a world through language and reading about smart characters really makes me happy. Heck, you could easily make my fic about someone learning/internalizing some new concept to them and I'd eat it up.

"Stranger in a Strange Land" kinds of themes are something I am endlessly attracted to, in discovering new worlds, new ways of thinking, of seeing how other people deal with their foreigness, and attempt (or don't attempt) to integrate. I like having a slightly skewed view of the world, where nothing is quite normal, because nothing is truly normal, just what a person is used to. And if something is normal, I want that comfort and ease pointed out, shown, even if that's by the lack of commentary.

And that's it, I think! If you wish, you can have a look at my last Yuletide letter and Femslash exchange letter. Otherwise, best of luck!

Foreigner Series - C. J. Cherryh
Bren Cameron, Jago (Foreigner)

I’ve only read the first six books (so please mind the spoilers, thanks!), but obviously the interface between human and alien is an vital part of the books, plots, etc. I love that, seeing Bren translate and try to integrate with another culture that he simply isn’t biologically suited for. And managing it, oddly enough. So, something about that? Being so much a part of Atevi culture that humanity starts to make less sense?

Also his and Jago's relationship interests me, especially coming from it in her/an Atevi viewpoint. Banichi being revealed as her father made me laugh. They're beautifully awkward, and so earnest towards each other, and yet they can share some humor. Feel free to include any of the rest of the cast, as I'm limiting my requested characters to the essentials for matching.

Psi-Man - Peter David
Chuck Simon, Rommel (Psi-Man)

Okay, I'm probably the only person out there in this exchange who knows about this series, but hear me out.
A pacifist with very reluctant mutant powers, a menacing government agency, and a rather large genetically enhanced dog. Together with a motley and wonderfully gender-balanced cast of side characters they create some excellent, breath-taking adventures in six short books. And they are screamingly funny in some parts. Seriously, Chuck and Rommel's interface as man and dog often reduces me to whoops of laughter.


The humor was my favorite parts of the series, although I also enjoyed the suspense and exploration of one way we could screw up the environment and react to it. So shenanigans with Chuck and Rommel (maybe set in a happily-ish ever after?), happy or sad, I would love you forever.

Underworld (Movies)
Michael Corvin, Lucian (Underworld)


In the first movie, Michael's scene after his capture by the werewolves (where he almost changes in the car) filled me with the best kind of nervous anticipation. And really, them preventing the change with a forcible injection was a fairly good prevention of disaster while keeping up the tension. I'd like to see the hint made explicit. Perhaps Michael is raped by his captors as a way to prevent the change or as a way of establishing dominance. Whether that’s the fake cops or Singe or Lucian himself, I’m not much bothered.


I’d also like to see an alternate ending where Michael’s rescued, taken away from the final showdown before he can become a hybrid, maybe or maybe not a werewolf. If he is, Lucian training him to control it would be something I'd love to see. And Selene and Michael playing out the doomed love of centuries earlier...does it work out better this time?

Books of the Raksura - Martha Wells
Moon, Jade

My general ideas are: Moon and Jade getting it on, Moon being properly claimed (Jade POV in these two much appreciated!). Moon dealing with kids. Stone being grumpy (and dealing with kids, aka everybody) from Moon's POV. Or, the kids growing up, and Moon teaching them stuff like how to deal with other cultures/cities.


One thing I loved about the Raksura series was how it dealt with being a stranger, dealing with other cultures, integrating into other cultures, seeing how your instincts mesh with your "home" culture (especially Moon's very non-human aspects), and where it clashes...I also enjoyed the solid mechanics of travel, the flighted versus grounded, and found the visibly different peoples of the world very interesting.

Addams Family (TV 1964)
Morticia Addams (Addams Family (TV 1964)), Gomez Addams (Addams Family (TV 1964)), Wednesday Addams (Addams Family (TV 1964))

This is kind of a gimme, as Gomez and Morticia are Tumblr's OTP, it seems, but god, I love them. Their open affection, open kinky weirdness, and obvious love for their children. If you give me something with them being gushily in love (possibly while hurting each other in a good way) I will love you forever.

And Wednesday! Oh god I love her, and want to see her grow up and be a grumpy liberal feminist who is morbid and violent, yes I do.
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