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A/N: I came up with this idea for a series last year after Yuletide sent me headfirst back into writing. I have 12 more-or-less complete fics that I intend to post. They're mostly unrelated bits of porny fanfic, and all quite kinky. Enjoy!

And a Partridge
Series: 12 Days of Kinkmas
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1130
Fandom/Characters/Pairings: Teen Wolf, Lydia Martin
Content/Kinks/Warnings: Masturbation, dildo use
Lydia has a little bit of time to stretch.

“Fuck.” Lydia arched at the stretch of the dildo inside. She breathed, waiting for the slight, aching pain to subside, clenching around it to convince her muscles to that this wasn’t such a big deal.

When it finally died down to an almost-pleasant stretch, Lydia squeezed the hand pump, inflating the dildo another increment. Repeated the process.

She’d always enjoyed penetration. Not enough to orgasm with it alone, but tampons and masturbation and sex with boys were all easier for her than most of the girls she’d talked about it with. Admittedly, her sample size was low, but she liked feeling special.


Satisfied with the progress she’d made, Lydia reached down to grab the base of the toy. She moaned at the sensation as she pulled it slowly out, then back inside at the same pace. The stretch was amazing. She was pleased, aroused, but not ready to finish.. Pausing, she left the dildo inside to clench around and stroked up and down her body. She touched her face tenderly, feeling the endorphins build as she teased her skin, woke it up again.

Lydia circled her breasts leisurely, playing with the sensitive skin of her underarms and shoulders, pushing her fingers into the paths her ribs formed. She drew her the pads of her fingers up the undersides of her breasts, letting her nails follow. She missed her nipples deliberately, and started again at the sides, drawing perpendicular lines across her breasts. Excited by the singular touch to her nipples that she allowed herself, she kept moving down.

Fanning her hands out, Lydia stroked her stomach. Her pinkies tickled her sides, making the skin prickle. She did it again, and again, savoring the little shiver it caused. She licked her lips and swallowed, mouth dry from breathing heavily.

Lydia smiled, and ran her nails down to her mons, separating them before they reached where the lips parted, avoiding the base of the dildo that filled her. She diverted to the insides of her thighs, and dragged her fingers back, closing her eyes to feel every last sensation. Thumbs traced the crease of her thighs and vulva, tickling the hairs there.

Lydia felt like completing her set of touches tonight, and bent her legs. Adjusting to the feeling of dildo in this new position, she smoothed her hands down freshly shaved legs. She revelled in the silky feel of the bare skin. Tracing the outline of her calves, a delightful, seductive curve, she reached her feet. Fingering the wrinkled skin of the back of her ankles, the feel of little bumps amusing her, she pushed her thumbs into the top of her feet, an impromptu massage. She paid a small but genuine message of affection to her toes, rubbing each individually, then woke up the soles of her feet, light fingers almost too ticklish for her to complete the gesture.

She pulled her hands up her ankles and calves, clawlike, as she straightened her legs into the air, feeling the tips of her fingers draw warm lines down her skin. She paid homage to the backs of her knees, gentle, short strokes in the hollows that made her eyes close involuntarily.

Lydia lightly dragged the pads of her fingers up the outside of her thighs, lowering her legs back onto the bed, touches still echoing in the skin. She clenched to feel them move, and the motion reminded her of how very full she was. Laying a palm over her cunt, she curled her fingers to brush her clit. The feeling made her hum, and she did it again before forcing her hand away, down, to pump the dildo a few times. The new fullness made her gasp, slow and appreciative. She brushed the whole of her vulva, lips to mound, deliberately, palm to fingertips, moving against the direction of the hair, then moved on, up to her arm.

Dragging her fingers up the inside of her arm, Lydia stopped at her elbow, taking time to feel how her carefully moisturized skin changed texture as she moved around it. The soft underside morphing into lightly haired outside, the smooth but loose skin that covered her elbow. Her freckles didn’t feel any different than the rest of her skin, something that had always seemed nonsensical to her. Why have pigmentation differences if they didn’t mean anything besides potential cancer? She shook her head, bringing her mind back to the task at hand. She circled her fingers around her lower arm, pulling it down, feeling the skin catch under her hand.

Lydia linked her fingers, squeezing them together, releasing again to trail a hand up her palm. She spiraled up over her wrist, then dragged nails up the outside of her arm to her shoulders, revelling in mound of muscle covered by silky skin. She reversed direction, acknowledging the slight pudge on her upper arm, then circled her fingers again and pulled them up. She curled her fingers, before extending them, and pushed a palm flat against the joint of her shoulder.

Full circle. She ran quick nails down her other arm, encouraging the goosebumps. Her lower arm brushed her breasts. She laced her fingers again, one palm covering the outside of the other.

She relaxed back, letting her hands move to their usual positions when she wanted to come. One hand rested on her mons, fingers ready to stimulate her clit. The other grasped the base of the dildo. She worked both in tandem, fucking herself slowly while she worked her clit furiously. It didn’t take long, a little gasp working its way out as she reached the first peak. She climaxed in a long wave, ramping up the speed of the thrusts as she cut back on the size of them, finding her g-spot and pushing it relentlessly. She arched, low moans forcing their way out, as she worked herself up up and over the edge, the feeling almost too intense to keep going.

She fell back, hands relaxing. She left the dildo in, panting, eyes half-lidded, letting the residual waves of pleasure come, her vagina clenching as they came. She rubbed her clit a few times, making them come a bit sooner, but it quickly got to be too much. She stilled and stared at the ceiling, lost in a mindless state that she achieved so very rarely.

Finally, Lydia moved, a small grumble of a groan leaving her throat as she deflated and removed the dildo, taking the condom off of it and throwing it away before replacing the toy in her nightstand drawer.

Lydia got up and headed to the shower, body relaxed and happy. “Me time” was about to end. Allison would be over soon to study, and it wouldn’t do to smell like sex when they were trying to think about math.

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