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Alright, so. It's been the requisite nine days (I swear I don't plan it that way...). A lot has happened. I've hung out with a new community, figured out a way to automatically post stuff to Tumblr, watched four episodes of Star Trek, the original series, and gotten a good start on the month, writing-wise. I actually managed to edit my next fic, and I should probably prompt my beta to review that one before we move on. We shall see.

However, this has come with a dip into anxiety territory. Dealing with new people means inevitable awkwardness, it seems. Meh. 

I've not done much craft-wise. Still working on my new rainbow skirt and finishing up the largest size pad for my reuseable attempts. We shall see how it goes...

I'm supposed to work today, and avoiding it. Which feels just awesome, let me tell you. However, I've put away all my clean clothing (a commonly procrastinated task), caught up on Tumblr, played all my casual online games...yeah, I'm totally avoiding. I guess I shall go face it. Farewell, fair listeners.
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